Top 7 Questions to Ask While Buying a Motorcycle Out of State

The Internet has truly changed our shopping habits. Today, it is possible to purchase anything from anywhere, even if it is an expensive item like a motorcycle. However, it is certainly a risky deal, since you don’t exactly see the vehicle in person.

So, what should you do? Should you buy a motorcycle from out of town or simply stick with the local dealers? Well, we say if you can handle the entire transaction smoothly, there is nothing wrong with purchasing a motorcycle from out of town.

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Now, here are a few questions you must ask before making a deal.

Questions you don’t want to miss asking

1. Are you the original owner?

The seller is not necessarily the original owner of the vehicle. So, it is better to ask for this detail. Also, it will give you a clear idea about how many individuals have owned motorcycles in the past.

2. Do you have all the necessary documents?

To ensure the transaction gets completed, and the vehicle gets registered at the Department of Motor Vehicles in the future, you will need a few documents. Make a list in advance about what you need and ask the seller if he/she will provide the same.

3. Was the motorcycle involved in an accident?

It is crucial to know if the motorcycle has any serious damages. If the answer is yes, ask the seller to share photos or videos of the damage.

4. Can you send a video of the current odometer reading?

It is always better to compare the current readings of the odometer to what the seller has mentioned in the online advertisement.

5. What is the maintenance schedule and expense of the motorcycle?

Most sellers have maintenance logs. Go through them thoroughly. These logs will let you know about the exact condition of the vehicle, as well as about its maintenance cost.

6. Can you prove that you have the vehicle in your possession?

For this, you can simply ask the seller to send you a picture in which he/she is standing next to the vehicle. You can also ask them to write something specific on a piece of paper and hold that paper while clicking the picture.

7. Can I get the vehicle inspected?

Seeing the vehicle in person is very crucial. Many individuals personally go to the seller’s location and check it out. However, if this is not possible for you, you can hire a broker and ask him/her to inspect the vehicle on your behalf.

Well, there you go. Once you have bought the motorcycle, you can either drive it back to your hometown yourself or hire a shipping company to do so. In any given scenario, hiring a shipping company is a better option. After all, your motorcycle is your baby, and you certainly want it delivered safe and sound.