Safety Tips to Consider When Working with Cranes

All sorts of companies use cranes to lift and move heavy duty equipment and materials from one area to the next. Cranes are an invaluable piece of equipment in all kinds of industries as they do the heavy lifting when no other machine can. While crane operations in Australia are quite professional, accidents do sometimes happen, and people get hurt.

Here are some things to consider when working with cranes.

Never Overload the Crane – While cranes can lift some incredible weight, they have their limits. Before you use a crane, make sure you know its maximum lifting capacity before you attempt to move heavy objects. It is dangerous to overwork the machine and push it to its limits. This is how people get hurt and accidents happen on site. Experts at Welshpool crane hire recommend installing a load checking device to prevent any accidents.

Check Overhead – When operating a crane near power lines, remember to check overhead to ensure everything is clear before you do any work. If the crane comes into contact with power cables the risk of electrocution is real. It could put the crane operator’s life at risk, and it could also jeopardise the safety of other workers. Crane operators should always keep a safe distance when working near power lines.

Appoint a Signal Worker – Mobile cranes are heavy duty pieces of machinery and they must be respected while on site. To ensure the crane operator has optimal moving capabilities, a signal worker should be appointed to help them move. Most accidents occur when cranes have to move over uneven or unsteady ground. To avoid this, it is important to use a guide who can provide directions.

Pre-Inspection – When you hire a crane from a company, you should always assess the machine before you start to use it. If you do not know the crane hire company well, it can be hard to tell for certain if they are a reputable, professional organisation. You should walk around the crane with the operator and look for any defects such as wear and tear, visible cracks, loose fasteners, or damaged threads.

Operating a crane is a serious undertaking and it is not something you should take lightly. The crane will be lifting and moving some massive loads and if something goes wrong, people’s lives could be at risk. Remember to work with trusted contractors and always use reliable and safe cranes for all of your projects.